Wednesday, October 05, 2011

The Revolution Presents: MARX IN SOHO ~ A play by Howard Zinn (October 8th)

(Extra credit for any students that write a response to this play)

Saturday, October 8 · 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Occupy Lexington@ JP Morgan Chase
201 E Main St
Created By
April Browning, Karen Occupywallstreet Sterling, Greg Capillo, Steve Blair
More Info
Marx In Soho - Howard Zinn

'Marx In Soho' by Howard Zinn will be performed on Saturday Oct 8th @ 6pm for Occupy Lexington outside JP Morgan Chase. Preformed By Ed Desiato.

Howard Zinn is a captivating writer and it shows in the plot of the play. The premise is a lot of fun. Marx has petitioned some afterlife council to return to the realm of the living in the interest of having his say. He wishes to be sent to Soho London. Du...e to some sort of bureaucratic mix-up, Marx ends up in Soho, New York. Zinn’s script is said to be a really good introduction to Marx for those unfamiliar with him and more than a bit insightful for those who are already students of his work.

This piece is pertinent, engaging and charismatic. Whether or not you agree with Marxist theory is irrelevant. Zinn critiques the death penalty, mega-mergers, mass media and more. This play has been said to be the perfect thing for the times in which we live. Marx's insight into the social condition has been nothing short of prophetic, an enduring "social critique of culture."

Please come and join us. There is no admission cost.

Thank you Natasha Williams and Ed Desiato for lending us your talent!

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