Monday, May 05, 2014

Resources for ENG 102: Summer 2014

Merriam-Webster's Word-of-the-Day

Laura Webb HIS 120 essay (paragraph thesis statements) [in work computer "documents" and gmail]

Business Insider: 6 Corporations Control 90% of the Media in America

Biotechnology/Eugenics lecture

Dialogic archive: Edward Snowden

Piece for Mayer for Mayor on Minimum Wage issue

Ken Robinson RSAnimate video -- Changing Education Paradigms

Dershowitz, Alan, Glenn Greenwald, Michael Hayden and Alexis Ohanian. "Glenn Greenwald Debates Former NSA Director Michael Hayden." The Intercept (May 2, 2014) [Results of the debate]

Political Compass Test

Resources for Re-thinking the World

Taylor, Bron. "Battleground Pandora: The War over James Cameron's Avatar." Bright Lights Film Journal #82 (November 2013)

Ferguson, Kirby. "Everything is a Remix." [Four short videos examining remix aesthetics in multiple art forms.]

Zurko, Nicholas. "Gender Inequality in Film." New York Film Academy (November 25, 2013)

Lexington Primaries

Holland, Joshua. "A Primer: Just What Is Net Neutrality — and Why All the Fuss?" Moyers & Co (May 2, 2014)

McNair, James. "Despite Cuts, Kentucky Community College Head Gets Lucrative Deal." Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting (May 8, 2014)

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