Monday, April 07, 2008

Studio 360: Nikola Tesla--Strange Genius

Nikola Tesla: Strange Genius
Studio 360 (PRI/WNYC)

Introducing Nikola Tesla

Part visionary, part mad scientist, and absolute genius, Tesla should be as famous as Edison – but he’s been largely forgotten. Kurt talks with Samantha Hunt about her new novel The Invention of Everything Else. Tesla is the protagonist, and despite the outlandish biographical details all through the book, there was very little she had to make up.

Episode also includes sections on:

Tesla vs. Edison
Transmit This
Tesla and Twain
Mr. Spock and Dr. Strangelove
The Death Ray
Wanted: Bold Thinkers
Garage Inventors
The Invention of Everything Else
Tesla in New York

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Susannity said...

Didn't they have Tesla in one of those magician movies that came out not so long ago?

Michael said...

I think it was The Prestige?

Susannity said...

yep that's the one!