Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Republicans Against 8

The Republicans in my birthplace (CA) are way more liberal than the Democrats in my adopted state (KY). Good to see this...

I support the Republicans Against 8


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this ad! And funny comment about the Republicans in California being more liberal than the Democrats in Kentucky :) How does that bode for Lunsford?

Thanks for urging a no vote on Prop 8.


Michael said...


This is a very important civil rights issue. One tht is unfairly ignored as such by a lot of people... I have family and friends who this issue effects and I will do as much as possible to bring it to the attention of others and to work to change the minds of thos who fear homosexuality.

My simple stance is, in this often dark and cruel world, how could you ever, ever, be against the possibilitiy of human love and companionship.

Your ally and supporter!