Thursday, June 04, 2009

Stephen Colbert: Doom Bunker - Glenn Beck's "War Room"

I noticed that Regal Cinema's Hamburg Theaters in Lexington, KY are hosting two! special showings of Glenn Beck from FOX News next week. Since I do not get TV in my household I didn't really know what Beck is about or why he would be "touring" in special showings hosted by Regal Cinemas. After watching Beck's schtick online I wondered who would want to increase the exposure of his fear mongering, sensationalism? Then I remembered that Regal Cinemas from time-to-time screens the Foundation for a Better Life propaganda ads and I realized that this is similar effort by Regal Cinema. I suggest a general boycott by film audiences of Regal Cinemas as a response. On the lighter side of this disturbing phenomenon, Stephen Colbert on Glenn Beck's apocalyptic rants:

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Doom Bunker - Glenn Beck's "War Room"
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Luke said...

In the theater I recently went to, advertisements were touting Beck's "comedy" show -- that is what they called it, not my editorializing. Now, that seems like unintentional parody, since much of what Beck seems to do every night is dramatic if not comedic. But why would he even want to invite the comparisons? Why would he consider himself a comedian? Anyway, it was just weird. That's my point.

Michael said...

Perhaps he is jealous of the success of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and desires to achieve their popularity with younger audiences and the respect they get from media critics?

Why would people go see him in a theater? when they can tune into him daily on FOX? I could understand if you were a fan and he was coming to your city in person, but shelling 8-10 bucks for a digital download in a Regal theater?