Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Michael Benton: Dialogic Writing

"Notes on Anti-Oedipus: Capitalism and Schizophernia." Dialogic (February 20, 2014)

"Introduction and Discussion of The Battle of Algiers." Dialogic Cinephilia (February 20, 2014)

"Exploring the Nature and Causes of Violence in Film." Uprooting Criminology (February 10, 2014)

"Steve McQueen’s Hunger (2008): A Powerful Exploration of Political Resistance and Retributive Justice"

Initial Thoughts on the George Zimmerman Verdict

“'He Could Resist': The Lexington Tattoo Project and A Noosed Life."

If a Tree Falls: Enforcing the Green Scare

A Nation Starts to Mobilize: Something's Happening Here

Getting Off On John Cameron Mitchell's Shortbus

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Fragile victory in Egypt: Will U.S. foreign aid impede the will of the Egyptian people?

Violence and Film

Straightlaced: How Gender Has All Tied Up

Response to Jarhead

Some Questions I Have About the World

On Feminism

Oikos ... random thoughts on a sleepless night

James Allen: Without Sanctuary; The Debate Over the Hanging of a Barack Obama Effigy on the Campus of the UK; The History of Lynching in America

Here There Be Monsters: A Response to the Public Outcry Surrounding the San Diego High School Shootings

City of God, Schindler's List and Contextual Viewings

"The Stars are Projectors": A Modest Appreciation of Modest Mouse


On Anarchism

American Sex and Sexuality 3.0

The Politics of Meat 3.0

"Be Me, for Awhile": Ideological Becoming and Future Objectivity in Let the Right One In

I Am Past Imperfect

Thoughts on Blogging by a Poorly Masked Academic

Rhetorics of Place: The Importance of Public Spaces and Public Spheres

What We Write and Why (as part of a group of editors--collective piece)

Learning From "El Mexterminator" and "Cyber Vato": Social Anxiety as a Performative Pedagogy

Quentin Tarantino, King of the Mooks - One Basterd’s Inglourious Response

Gender and Sexuality at the Carnegie Center

So Long, It's Been Good To Know You: Remembering Howard Zinn (with Michael Marchman)

Recovering the Commons: A conversation with Herb Reid and Betsy Taylor

Collective Cinephilia/Steve McQueen's Hunger

Michael Wesch: A Portal to Media Literacy/Michael Benton: Thinking About 21st Century Multiliteracies

Learning From the Dahlai Lama?

Pantheist Anarchists: Should We Fear Them?

Teacher Reflection

Michael Moore's Capitalism: A Love Story

True Literacy (Pastiche)

Darren Aronofsky Initiates a Fictional Derive 3.0

Doctorow's City of God

Environmental English Studies: The Poetics of Relation

Mort Rosenblum's Escaping Plato's Cave; Carlotta Gall's Story; Taxi To the Dark Side

Film and the Meaning of Life

The Many-Headed Hydra: Sailors, Slaves, Commoners and the Hidden History of the Revolutionary Atlantic

Notes on Parker Palmer's "Community of Truths"

On Thinking

Ph.D Exams and Fools Crow

Response to Marleen S. Barr's "Grizzly Gidget Goes to the Whitehouse"

What is the Most Fun I Ever Had

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