Monday, January 03, 2011

Thinking About 2010 and Looking Forward to 2011

Inspired by Ondine

The Bad

The 2010 elections

Michael/Stephanie having to go to Amsterdam to find work

Austerity (and the propaganda surrounding the concept)

The continuing militarization of our society linked to a call for us to police ourselves.

The sad state of cinema (and art in general)

Corporate consolidation of media ---> limitation of public awareness about important social/political issues

Citizen United vs U.S.

Emergency surgery

The Good

Laura comes home from France at the end of the year

Building a home

Comrades that make life worth living

Students that seize upon the concept of learning as a life long collective project

Spending time with family in California

Realizing that I still don't have the answers, but still searching for the questions that might help.

North of Center, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, Socialist Student Union, Lexington Film League, Gay/Straight Alliance, KY Theater, Peace and Justice Coalition, Peace Training-Peace Learning Institute

Teaching--and the opportunity to interact with new students


2011: The Hopes

Continuing to build a home with Laura and a forge a strong community of comrades

Working on my doubts/insecurites about myself and developing strength so that I can help others do the same

Developing a local coalition of activists/artists/citizens that want to fight for justice and still desire to act freely--individually and collectively

Build the most beautiful backyard herb garden

Travel to Amsterdam to visit Michael/Stephanie

Go to the 2011 Socialist Forum

Work on my novel, write essays, develop my film criticism, and write for North of Center.

Get tenure and celebrate it by writing a slew of poems (and to get up at the Holler to read them--already have a bunch just need to "do it").

Realize my philosophy of anarchism through my most intimate individual relations all the way to my most collective (instituional) obligations.

Talk to people about what socialism is really about.

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