Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Central Kentuckians Vigil to Warn of Increasing Hate Speech and Hate-driven Violence (April 10: 7:30 pm)

Central Kentuckians Vigil to Warn of Increasing Hate Speech and Hate-driven Violence

At 7:30 p.m. Tuesday April 10th the Central Kentucky Council for Peace & Justice will hold an Anti-hate Candlelight Vigil to call attention to the increasing amount of hate speech and hate-driven violence in the U.S. The event will be at Courthouse Square in downtown Lexington (corner of Main & Limestone). We will highlight Islamophobia, homophobia, and racism. There will be brief perspectives by representatives of the Muslim, gay and lesbian, and African American communities. We will conclude with the lighting of candles, a moment of silence, and the singing of Holly Near’s song “We are a gentle angry people.”

CKCPJ spokesperson Richard Mitchell commented: “No group of people should be the subject of repetitive and irresponsible hate-based speech – especially hate that is sent out over the public airwaves or internet. No person should have to live in fear of a hate-based attack because they are part of a minority group. Being a Muslim woman in a hijab, a gay or lesbian, or a young African-American male in a hoodie should not put your life endanger.

“Several of the cases in the news recently are still being investigated. We hope and pray that they turn out not to be hate crimes. But whatever ultimate truth about the individual instances, it is apparent that the amount of hate speech circulating in the U.S. is increasing. One need only search the web under the names “Trayvon Martin,” “Shaima Alawadi,” or “Tyler Clementi” to turn up dozens of web pages that are full of hate directed at groups that here in the U.S. are minorities.

“Hate is killing our brothers and sisters. We gather Tuesday night to say ‘no.’ We will stand with our brothers and sisters; we will stand with one another; we accept you and we will protect you. As Holly Near’s song says so well “we are singing for our lives.” Another world is possible. A basic building block for such a world is that each of us is committed to singing for ALL our lives.”

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