Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Resources for February 5, 2014

The Louisville Courier-Journal shares this video clip: "Evolution vs. creationism | Bill Nye the Science Guy takes on Creation Museum founder"

McElwee, Sean and Abigail Salvatore. "New Atheism’s big mistake: Debating creationists solves nothing: Fundamentalism isn't really about the Bible; it's about politics. So attacking religion doesn't fix the problem." Salon (February 1, 2014)

"List of Edward Snowden's NSA Revelations." Peace Action Wisconsin (2014)

Seriously bummed to find out this was Smiley & West's last podcast, but it was a good retrospective of past shows and a great final interview with Noam Chomsky

Smells Like Human Spirit podcasts:

"Episode 122: Jenny Blake talks Life After College" - "Jenny Blake is a blogger, life coach, public speaker and author of ‘Life After College: The Complete Guide to Getting What You Want’. Jenny has been featured in the Wallstreet Journal,, and the US News and World Report (among other places) for her work that aims to help young people ‘wake up, live big and love the journey.’ In 2011, she decided to leave her job at Google after 5 years to move to New York City and pursue her passion of being an entrepreneur full-time. In this episode of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast, Jenny looks back on the hard work that led to her early professional success, her subsequent burnout in her mid-twenties, and ultimately the decision to leave Google and ‘go it alone’. Other topics of discussion include society’s obsession with wealth, the definition of success, and how college graduates can position themselves to pursue their true passion.

"Episode 123: The Good Fight, with Ben Wikler" - "Ben Wikler, host of ‘The Good Fight’, joins Guy Evans for Episode 123 of Smells Like Human Spirit. Ben has a long history of involvement in political activism, particularly with several very important online activist communities. Topics of discussion in this interview include his politically active upbringing, the blend of comedy and politics present in his work, and why ‘the corporation’ has become the dominant social institution of our age."

"Episode 127: John and Molly Knefel (Radio Dispatch) on Guantanamo Bay, Occupy’s Legacy, and more" - "John and Molly Knefel, the brother and sister duo that co-host Radio Dispatch, join Guy Evans for Episode 127 of the Smells Like Human Spirit Podcast. Originally from Iowa, John and Molly now reside in Brooklyn, NY and aim to cover the most important and under-reported stories of the day with their show, which has gained quite an impressive following since its inception in 2010. Topics of discussion in this episode include Guantanamo Bay, Occupy’s legacy, the juvenile justice system in the U.S., and much more."

Barrett, Paul M. "Academic Fraud for College Jocks Reaches Across the Country." Business Week (January 8, 2014)

Bonanno, Mike and Andrew Boyd. "Principle: The Real Action is Your Target’s Reaction." Beautiful Trouble (2014)

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