Tuesday, May 08, 2007

LAPD Reassigns Two Top Commanders Who Ordered Police to Shoot Rubber Bullets at Protesters & Journalists During May Day Immigrants Rights Rally

Hosted by Amy Goodman
Guest: Carol Sobel, California civil rights attorney and president of the Los Angeles Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild. As a legal observer and lead negotiator with the LAPD at the the 2000 Democratic National Convention, she was hit by police pellets during a crackdown on the protests.

Democracy Now

The fallout continues in Los Angeles from the police attack on a largely peaceful May Day immigration march. Police with riot guns fired hundreds of rubber bullets, shot tear gas and clubbed protesters and journalists gathered in MacArthur Park. At least ten people were injured including seven journalists.
On Monday, Los Angeles Police Department chief William Bratton announced the demotion of two high-ranking officers involved in the police response. Deputy Chief Cayler "Lee" Carter Jr. of the Operations Central Bureau, and his number two, Commander Louis Gray, were reassigned. Meanwhile up to sixty officers in the Metropolitan Division's elite “B Platoon” have been taken off the streets -- most of them permanently. The moves come as city officials offered their strongest apology to date. Los Angeles mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said: "Accountability begins at the top. What happened on May 1st was wrong.”


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Robert said...

i did NOT expect such a reaction on the part of the authorities

i expected more arrogance

dont know what to think now :)