Friday, August 17, 2007

New Issue of Reconstruction: Transgressing the Frontier Film

Reconstuction: Studies in Contemporary Culture

Transgressing the Frontier Film Issue Announcement, CFP: Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture (ongoing; journal issue)

Reconstruction is proud to announce the publication of its Vol. 7, No. 3 (2007) themed issue, " Transgressing the Frontier: Modernity, American Ideology, and Cinema,"Featured in the issue:

* Martin Flanagan, "Re-Making Time: Chronotopes of the West in Lone Star (1996) and The Searchers (1956)"

* tyler lorey adams, "The Geography of Frontier"

* Deborah Shaw, "Robert Rodriguez's Mexicans in Once Upon a Time in Mexico (2003)"

* Mike Taormina, "Breaking Bonds in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) and Fight Club (1999)"

* Todd Comer, "Pacifism as Ideological Complicity in The Big Lebowski (1998)"

* Markus Rheindorf, "The Line Must be Drawn Here: The Body as the Final Frontier in Science Fiction Films of the 1990s"

* Anthony Enns, "A Name in Search of a Disease: Illness and Identity in Todd Haynes' Safe (1995)"

* Marc Ouellette, "'Everybody Else Ain't Your Father': Reproducing Masculinity in Cinematic Sports, 1975-2000"

* Cheryl Greene, "S for Scopic: Wellesian Myths of the Border and White Female Beauty"

* Zach Saltz, "A History Without Lightning: African American Image in Early Cinema, 1895-1915"

Reconstruction is now accepting submissions for the following upcoming themed issues:

* Class, Culture and Public Intellectuals (reviews only, ASAP)
* Visualization and Narrative (deadline December 15, 2007)
* Fieldwork and Interdisciplinary Research (deadline October 31, 2007)

For individual CFP requirements and guest editor contact information, please check our "Upcoming Issues"

Reconstruction is also accepting submissions for upcoming Open Issues. The next Open Issue is scheduled for publication in Fall 2007. Please consult our Submission Guidelines found at Guidelines

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