Saturday, July 05, 2008

SciFiDimensions: Cory Doctorow on Little Brother

(This interview is jammed with intelligent speculation about growing police states and terror hysteria. Doctorow is also a spokesperson for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Doctorow is also one of the greatest examples of the creative commons ethos. I just picked up this book for my nephew ;)


Cory Doctorow - Interview with the author of the new young adult science fiction novel Little Brother (April 2008 from Tor Books). In addition to being a freelance journalist and copyright/ technology advocate, Doctorow is one of the co-editors of BoingBoing, one of the most popular blogs on the internet. His personal website is Craphound.

To Listen to the Episode


SciFiDimensions: Review of Little Brother

Boing Boing TV: Make Your Own Little Brother How-To Video

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