Monday, August 09, 2010

United Front of Kentucky

United Front Kentucky: Points of Unity

We perceive a rising fascist threat in Kentucky and in the United States:

Our Platform

1.) Fascism is a specific political and economic ideology, not a ‘catchall’ word for disagreeable policies. It is not an historical exception nor is it limited to particular societies (e.g. Nazi Germany). It can crop up in any modern nation, emerging most forcefully in times of political crisis and severe economic downturn.

2.) Fascism seeks to appeal to those who have been devastated by economic crisis while simultaneously serving the very economic interests that cause crisis. Advocating for a ‘corporatist’ merger of the state with economic interests, fascism, if allowed to come to power, undermines the livelihoods of many of the supporters who form its base. Fabricating threats and ‘hidden enemies,’ fascists pursue their anti-democratic goals through civil struggle, electoral process, and violent attacks.

3.) Fascism, in its historical and contemporary forms, has built ‘populist’ support for its extreme right-wing agenda by stoking xenophobic nationalism; propagating conspiracy theories about currency and financial institutions; and using intolerant and hateful rhetoric. Fascist rhetoric often targets liberal, left, and progressive political tendencies as well as ethnic and religious minorities, labor unions, feminists, homosexuals, socialists, communists, and anarchists.

4.) The mission of United Front Kentucky is to mobilize the largest possible coalition against the growing fascist movement in the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We will do so by committing ourselves to rigorous analysis of contemporary political trends, interpreting the political landscape, sharing our understandings, and acting to confront fascist elements be they sympathetic to key aspects of rising fascism or explicitly aligned with existing fascist groups.

Our Organization

5.) The UFK includes a variety of progressive and left tendencies and diverse political loyalties. Membership and affiliation with other political groups are not in conflict with our mission so long as individual members share our commitment to combat fascism and abide by these points of unity.

6.) We are committed to rigorous strategic/tactical thinking based on analysis of contemporary politics and current events as well as examination of previous struggles. This type of analysis leads to more effective action and sound visions of just and collective futures.

7.) Our watchword is ‘freedom of debate, unity of action.’ This means we welcome a wide range of people and perspectives, but that despite our differences, we recognize the importance of mass action and agree to work together. This principled stance requires personal character and discipline.

8.) We strive to reach ‘consensus’ on all proposals, but other democratic means like voting will be used to advance the agenda of the group when impasses arise. Whereas we recognize the importance of organization and action grounded in mutual consent, we feel the group itself should represent the ideas and intentions of the majority of its members.

9.) The UFK is an above-ground, legal organization devoted to fighting the current fascist threat. Any action undertaken as part of UFK should be directed toward this goal. At no time will members of the UFK plan, discuss, or engage in violence or property destruction as part of work under its auspices. Such actions are grounds for exclusion from the group.

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