Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Background for Jenny Edkins and Maja Zehfuss' "Introduction" to Global Politics

Antonio Gramsci:

Wikipedia: Antonio Gramsci

Monica Stillo: Overview and Analysis of Some of Gramsci's Key Concepts

Wikipedia: Neo-Gramscian

Wikipedia: Cultural Hegemony

Marxist Internet Archive: Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937)

Informal Education: "Antonio Gramsci, Schooling and Education"

International Gramsci Society

Gustavo E. Fischman and Peter McLaren: "Rethinking Critical Pedagogy and the Gramscian and Freirean Legacies -- From Organic to Committed Intellectuals or Critical Pedagogy, Commitment, and Praxis"

Stephen Gill: "Gramsci, Modernity and Globalization"

Sofia Perrino on Antonio Gramsci's "Prison Notebooks" (selections)

Frank Rosengarten: "Antonio Gramsci and C.L.R. James: Some Parallels and Similarities"

Mark Rupert: "Reading Gramsci in an Era of Globalising

E. San Juan, Jr.: "Antonio Gramsci on Surrealism and the Avantgarde"

Laura E. Ruberto: "A Gramscian Podcast on Women Workers and Migration"

Adrian Budd: Gramsci's Marxism and International Relations

Robert Cox:

Robert Cox: "World Orders, Historical Change, and the Purpose of Theory in International Relations"

Robert Cox: "Social Forces, States, and World Orders: Beyond International Relations Theory"

Stuart Hall:

Stuart Hall and Cultural Studies: "Decoding Cultural Oppression"

Stuart Hall: "The Question of Cultural Identity"

Stuart Hall: "Cultural Identity and Diaspora"

Stuart Hall: "Cultural Studies and Its Theoretical Legacies"

Stuart Hall: "Race, articulation and societies structured in dominance"

Stuart Hall: Encoding, Decoding

Stuart Hall: Cultural Hallmark (Interview)

David Scott: "Stuart Hall's Ethics"

Wikipedia: Stuart Hall -- Cultural Theorist

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