Thursday, March 03, 2011

Astroturf Organizations Spreading Propaganda: "Don't Make Us Pay"

I was sent an email from a concerned citizen about this seemingly grassroots organization concerned about consumer welfare:

Don't Make Us Pay

I use Sourcewatch to check up on suspected manipulative/misleading propaganda.

I looked at who funds this organization and it is "Electronic Payments Coalition" (look at the bottom of their "about" website page)

Sourcewatch: Electronic Payments Coalition) Which is a credit card organization fronting as a citizen rights group (we call these types of propaganda groups, "astroturf" organizations--because they are bogus, misleading, corporate fronts)

Also found this youtube video "Don't Make Us Pay": A Lesson in Astroturfing" where the author breaks down the misleading/manipulative nature of this campaign.

They are very sneaky -- we need to combat these forms of disinformation/misinformation and call them out for their manipulative propaganda.

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