Friday, July 15, 2011

Free Speech Radio News: An investigation reveals how the CIA is expanding its presence in Somalia

Newscast for Thursday, July 14, 2011
Free Speech Radio News

An investigation reveals how the CIA is expanding its presence in Somalia

In Yemen today, a suspected US drone strike on a police station taken over by militants killed at least six people. Witnesses told Al Jazeera the building was demolished, and a half dozen bodies were identified, but more may have died or been injured. A Yemeni official denied it was a US strike, and claimed it was carried out by its own air force, according to Reuters.

The US has stepped up its drone program over the last few years, most notably in Pakistan. But strikes also taking place in Somalia, a country we turn to now. An investigation in the capital Mogadishu by The Nation Magazine and Democracy Now correspondent Jeremy Scahill, reveals that the US is expanding its covert operations there. Scahill’s article, “The CIA’s Secret Sites in Somalia”, reports that the CIA has a new secret base and is training a local force to fight the militant group al Shabab. He’s just got back from his ten day trip.

Former fighters with the Somali militant group, al-Shabab, talk to FSRN

While the Somali government forces, backed by the US and African union troops, continue their war, there are indications al Shabab might also be struggling internally. Although recruitment of more fighters continues, a growing number are defecting. FSRN’s Mohammed Yusuf recently met and spoke with former insurgents.

Mumbai residents react to yesterday’s deadly bomb attacks

In Mumbai yesterday, three well-coordinated attacks struck India's commercial capital. According to the latest government reports, the attack has left 18 dead and more than 100 injured. Terror attacks on the city have claimed more than 700 lives since 1993. FSRN's Gayatri Lakshmibai was near the blast sites in south and Central Mumbai and spoke with residents about the attack. The Mumbai residents in the report are: CP Tiwari, Ruchita Raicha, Dhiren Talpade, Akul Tripathi, Manju Sawle and Prashant Mehta. This segment was recorded and produced by FSRN's Gayatri Lakshmibai.

The Israeli navy attacks activists who are watching over Palestinian fishermen off Gaza’s coast

Today, Israeli warplanes hit an underground tunnel on the Gaza-Egypt border line, wounding four people. Right after this attack, a newly-formed Gaza group, calling itself Palestine Brigades, fired a homemade rocket on nearby Israeli areas, but no one was injured and it caused no property damage. The violence follows attacks today and yesterday by the Israeli navy, which fired water canons at an international human rights group monitoring Palestinian fishermen. FSRN's Rami Almeghari reports.

US Lawmakers plan for a debt ceiling default

Negotiations over raising the nation’s debt ceiling are still at an impasse and many lawmakers are now offering their legislative responses in case of a default. Matt Laslo reports on the twists and turns of the debate in Washington.

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