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Re:sound #100: The Cambodia Show

Re:sound #100: The Cambodia Show
Third Coast International Audio Festival

Life and Death in Battambang
by Virginia Madsen (Radio Eye, ABC, 2007)
Australian Producer Virginia Madsen traveled to Battambang, Cambodia, four hours from the capitol of Phnom Pehn, to Komar Rikreay, an orphanage whose name means Happy Children. It was a family affair for this story. Not only is Madsen's brother a social worker at the orphanage, but Madsen brought her 11-year-old daughter along on the trip. In fact, her daughter became a co-narrator in the story, helping to tell the children's stories of life and death in Battambang.

Enchanted Dusk
by Aaron Ximm (Quiet American, 2000)
Sound artist Aaron Ximm made this recording near the entrance to Angkor Wat in Cambodia: the sounds of children, cicadas, fruit bats, the occasional motorcycle.

Cyclo Ride Home
by Aaron Ximm (Quiet American, 2000)
Another field recording from Quiet American, this one from a three-wheeled bicycle taxi zipping through the streets of Phnom Pehn.

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