Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Melissa A. Fabello: Five Locker Room Myths About Penises Debunked

Five Locker Room Myths About Penises Debunked
by Melissa A. Fabello
Everyday Feminism

As the sixth graders noisily filed out of the library, I uncrumpled the index card and smoothed it over against my thigh.

The boy who had dropped it into the anonymous question box in my sex education class told me that he felt very strongly about it and wanted me to read it right away – anonymity be damned.

I passed the card over to my co-facilitator, a smile forming across my lips. “This one is endearing,” I said.

The card read: Why do boys’ penises grow when they see a cute girl?

What a vitally important question to know the answer to! It’s so imperative for us to understand our own bodies and why they react the way that they do.

Reading the question, I remembered – suddenly, joltingly – how confusing it is when your body does things that you don’t understand and can’t ask about.

Whispers from the mainstream media, pornography, friends, and locker room walls sell lies, telling us what we want to hear, convincing us of untruths.

It’s like a game of Telephone, but what’s at stake is our understanding of ourselves and our relationships.

And that’s a dangerous game.

So here’s the truth – about penises.

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