Sunday, February 09, 2014

Resources for February 9, 2014

Mooney, Chris. "Why Bill Nye Won the Creationism Debate Last Night." Mother Jones (February 5, 2014)

Harvard University Press provides a video and articles on Thomas Piketty's new book Capital in the Twenty-First Century

Eco, Umberto. "Senses of Semantics." Harvard University Press Blog (January 24, 2014)

Krul, Matthijs. "Mandela and Socialism." The Northstar (December 9, 2013)

Allen, Woody. "Woody Allen Speaks Out." The New York Times (February 9, 2014)

Blake Farmer for NPR: "Tennessee Weighs The Cost Of A Free College Education"

Scott Neumann for NPR: "French Court Orders Google To Display Notice On Its Search Page"

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