Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ron Strickland: Marxist Cultural Theory Webcasts

(Ron Strickland was one of the best professors in my long college career. He was a progressive leader in our academic community, provided courses of the highest level, and had a true interest in helping his students to grasp the complex theories that we were learning. He was also a strong supporter of our own interests in political activism and cultural subversion. Ron's work was not purely theoretical, but was also a vital part of his life and his actions. He was a great model for me of a public intellectual and a committed teacher. I was lucky enough to take his online Marxist Theory course and recently as part of a response to my Existentialism: Five Propositions he sent me these links to his newest webcasts that outline some of the concept/issues that he introduces in the course. These are great intros, that are accessible and informative, I recommend them to scholars and citizens who want to gain a greater understanding of economic, political, philosophical and cultural issues in our society.

Ron always pushed me to move beyond my individualistic tendencies and to develop a broader, systemic understanding of politics and culture. He was fearless as an academic, dedicated to his progressive causes, and was the center of a group of radical international students. When I think of authenticity... Ron comes to mind.)

Ron Strickland Webcasts


Economic Features of Feudalism, Modernity and Postmodernity\
Paradigms of Knowledge in Modernity
Social Functions of Art in Modernity
Political Systems of Modernity
The Social Subject of Modernity
Historical Materialism
Base and Superstructure

Philosophical Paradigms: Medieval Europe
Philosophical Paradigms: Modernity
Philosophical Paradigms: Postmodernity

Political Systems: Medieval Europe
Political Systems: Modernity
Political Systems: Postmodernity

The Individual and Society in Medieval Europe
The Individual and Society in Modernity
The Individual and Society in Postmodernity

Aesthetic Paradigms: Feudalism
Aesthetic Paradigms: Modernity
Aesthetic Paradigms: Postmodernity

The Great Gatsby (Part 1)
The Great Gatsby (Part 2)
The Great Gatsby (Part 3)
Prof. Matthew Bruccoli on The Great Gatsby

Idealist and Historicist Conceptions of Literature

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