Monday, January 04, 2010

Keven McAlester -- YOU’RE GONNA MISS ME

Keven McAlester -- YOU’RE GONNA MISS ME
Film School (KUCI: Irvine, CA)

An interview with Keven McAlester director of You're Gonna Miss Me. Crumb meets Whatever Happened to Baby Jane in You're Gonna Miss Me, which tells the story of counter-culture icon Roky Erickson, whose struggles with LSD, schizophrenia, and the Texas police have made him one of music's legendary tragic figures. He now collects junk mail by the stack and is kept under lock and key by his mother, Evelyn, who refuses him any treatment beyond love, prayer, and a view of psychiatry gleaned from the television show Frasier. In You're Gonna Miss Me, Erickson becomes the centerpiece of a surreal family struggle and the blank screen onto which those around him project their hopeful futures.

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