Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nick Bostrom: Why Make a Matrix? And Why You Might Be in One

Why Make a Matrix? And Why You Might Be in One
Popular Culture and Philosophy (Open Court Books)

Are you a flesh-and-blood person, or an electrical impulse on a circuit board somewhere? According to ... philosopher Nick Bostrom, there's a high probability that you and everyone you know are living in a matrix. Think it's farfetched? Listen as Bostrom's ... arguments paint a picture of a computer-simulated reality with citizens just like you.

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The Victor Show said...

I don't really think we live in a Matrix, It's not like I don't see it as a possibility, but I feel like the idea is just the natural human condition of questioning their existence and it's meaning manifesting itself. But then again, those thoughts could have been programed into my mind by the architect...I guess all I can do is go on about my life as apathetic to this idea as I am about the idea of an afterlife. Because either way seems to me they are both out of my control. Plus I have known reality is relative for quite some time now. We believe what we see and what our brain tells us is real, and even then, those two don't always match up.