Thursday, May 20, 2010

ENG 102: Documenting Our World

Bloom, Alexis and Tsewang Dandup. "Bhutan: The Last Place." Frontline (PBS: May 2002) [Tsewang Dandup is from Bhutan]

California Is a Place: Stories From the Golden State

Capturing Reality: The Art of Documentary

Chamberlin, Mark. "Refining the Art of Preservation." Journal of Aesthetics & Protest #6 (2009)

Chatterton, Paul and Jenny Pickerill. "Autonomous Geographies: Activism and everyday life in the city." Economic and Social Research Council Report (2009)

Cole, Cassie Keller. "Sweet Execution." Juice Box #4 (Spring 2009)

Community Arts Network

El Oso

Franceschini, Amy and Christina Ulke. "SF Victory Gardens 2007+." Journal of Aesthetics & Protest #6 (2009)

Franklin, Joey. "Working at Wendy's." 20something Essays by 20Something Writers. New York: Random House, 2006.

The Freedom Archives

Global Voices Online (Harvard University project that translates Blog reports from locals reporting on events in their communities/regions from around the world)

Hemley, Robin. "Field Notes for the Graveyard Enthusiast." New Letters 75.1 (Fall 2008): 39-50.

A History of American Technology (University of Mary Washington: Student Projects for History of American Technology & Culture, Spring 2009)

International Guild of Visual Peacemakers

Isay, Dave. "Mom: A Celebration of Mother's Day." Democracy Now (May 7, 2010)

---. "StoryCorps: National Social History Project Records Ordinary People Telling Their Stories to Each Other." Democracy Now (December 25, 2009)

It Gets Better

Madden, Patrick. "Carnaval, Montevideo." River Teeth 6.1 (Fall 2004): 115-123.

---. "Divergence." The Chariton Review 30.1&2 (Fall 2007): 125-128.

---. "Divers Weights and Divers Measures." North Dakota Quarterly 75.1 (Winter 2008): 154-160.

---. "Gravity and Distance." Mississippi Review 8.2 (Spring 2002)

---. "The Great Escape." Northwest Review 45.1 (Winter 2007): 6-25.

---. "Hepatitis." The Laurel Review 39.2 (Summer 2005): 69-75.

---. "I Saw a Mountain." Crab Orchard Review 6.2 (Spring/Summer 2001): 161-169.

---. "On Laughter." BYU Magazine (Spring 2009): 48-53.

---. "The Week of the Beer." The Chattahoochee Review 21.2 (Winter 2001): 114-119.

---. "We Lost Gonzalo." The Evansville Review #12 (2002): 89-97.

Martin, Kelly Marie. "Cooking Together at the Bicycle Kitchen: Infrastructure of La Bicicocina." Journal of Aesthetics & Protest #6 (2009)

Moris, Scott. "Nothing in Particular." Prick of the Spindle 2.2 (Summer 2008)

Murmur: Hear You Are

Notes From Nowhere, eds. We Are Everywhere

Qzap: The Queer Zine Archive Project Community Funded Reporting

Story Corps

UK Social Centres Network. "What's This Place?: Stories from Radical Social Centres in the UK and Ireland." (PDF Booklet: 2008)

We Make Zines (Online Community)

York, Jillian C. "Morocco: The Ramadan Diaries." Global Voices (August 17, 2010)

Zine Library: Revolution in the Streets (Archive/Distro)

Zinn, Howard, et al. The People Speak, Pt. 1

---. The People Speak, Pt. 2 (Archive of Sources)

Zone Zero: Galleries (Archive of Photo Documentaries)

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