Thursday, June 17, 2010

To the Best of Our Knowledge: Dancing About Architecture -- Arts Criticism

Dancing About Architecture: Arts Criticism
To the Best of Our Knowledge (PRI)


Manohla Dargis is co-chief film critic for the New York Times. She talks with Steve Paulson about the role of film criticism in contemporary society.


Robert Palmer was a music critic and musician. Yoko Ono said she, Palmer and John Lennon "touched each other's spirit." Palmer's fellow critic, Anthony DeCurtis, has edited a new book called "Blues and Chaos: The Music Writing of Robert Palmer." Palmer's daughter, Augusta Palmer, recently made a documentary about her father called "The Hand of Fatima." In a rare joint interview, DeCurtis and Palmer talk with Steve Paulson about Robert Palmer and his work. (also check out the complete and unedited web extra version below) Also, Geeta Dayal is the author of "Another Green World." It's a short book about Brian Eno's 1975 album of the same name. Eno used a deck of "Oblique Strategies" cards to create the album. He created these cards with his friend, the late artist Peter Schmidt. The cards contain phrases like "Honor thy error as a hidden intention." Dayal also used them to help write her book and talks about it with Jim Fleming.


In the early 1970s, John Mendelsohn wrote for "Rolling Stone" and the LA Times and recorded for Warner Brothers Records as a member of the band Christopher Milk. Now he has a new CD called "Sorry We're Open." Mendelsohn talks with Anne Strainchamps and we hear what he's up to now musically.

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