Monday, July 05, 2010

Midweek Politics with David Pakman: Glenn Miller, racist US Senate candidate from Missouri known for his “It’s the Jews, Stupid” campaign

(White Supremacist Glenn Miller Running for Senate in Missouri—Radio Stations Playing His Racist Ads While Claiming They Must Do So ... Despite FCC Stating Radio Stations Don’t Have To Play Them)

Midweek Politics with David Pakman – 04.28.2010

This Week’s Topics:

–Glenn Miller, racist US Senate candidate from Missouri known for his “It’s the Jews, Stupid” campaign joins us live to discuss whether African-Americans or Jews are a bigger problem, his felony conviction, his racism, and much more.

–Part 1 of our interview with former Minnesota Governor Jesse Ventura, author of the new book American Conspiracies, where we discuss conspiracy theories, third parties, Sarah Palin, the Tea Party, and much more, plus a 10 minute behind the scenes interview on our Members Podcast.

–Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signs a new immigration-related bill into law that allows police to detain and question anyone they believe looks like they might be an illegal immigrant, and we discuss all aspects of the bill, and why even some Republican do not like it.

–Obama does not like the new AZ immigration bill, Bill Kristol, not surprisingly, does not think it is a civil rights violation of any kind, and the AZ state senator linked to the bill has a long history of ties to Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups, while Joe Arpaio says the bill will not lead to racial profiling.

–Although he is Hispanic, would David Pakman be likely questioned under this new law?

–After years of calling himself a maverick, countless campaign ads calling him a maverick, countless appearances and speeches referring to being a maverick, and even a book BY JOHN MCCAIN with the word Maverick in the title, McCain hedges for his upcoming election by insisting he never called himself a maverick.

–A man who is possibly the only Hispanic Teabagger in the country loses it, having a complete unrestrained meltdown on camera after being asked a question about healthcare at a DC rally, and we wonder whether him with a gun is something we should be worried about.

–Republicans, Fox News, and others continue trying to convince us that the Tea Party is not overwhelmingly made up of white people who voted for John McCain.

–Will the Tea Party end up helping Democrats, Republicans, or no one at all?

–Voicemails from a radio show accusing Midweek Politics of being a young Republicans club show, and more, as well as emails about Jesse Ventura and Jason Mattera, recent guests on the show.

–Healthcare and obesity, including a discussion about a picture of a circus freak show fat man from 100 years ago that today represents a common site on any city street.

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