Sunday, July 04, 2010

Tell Somebody: Helen Caldicott - Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Power, & Kansas City; Ivory Mae Thomas - Exposed to radioactive promethium; Jason Klumb

Tell Somebody (KKFI: Kansas City)

Dr. Helen Caldicott - Nuclear Weapons, Nuclear Power, & Kansas City

Caldicott, a pediatrician, has, according to her biography at If You Love This Planet, "devoted over 35 years to educating the public and policymakers about the medical hazards of nuclear weapons, nuclear energy, and ecological collapse, and the necessary remedy of citizen participation."

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Exposed to radioactive promethium - Ivory Mae Thomas

A little over twenty years ago, Ivory Mae Thomas was at work on the night shift cleaning offices at the Kansas City branch of the US nuclear weapons complex when someone came to her and said "I've got bad news for you. ...our machine had a little leak, and we discovered you stepped in radiation." They took her to an emergency room at the plant, took her clothes, scrubbed her down, and came to her house in the middle of the night and scrubbed it down. Thomas says she was never told exactly what she had been exposed to until a local television reporter dug it out with FOIA requests twenty years later.

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Jason Klumb - Regional Administrator, General Services Administration

Jason Klumb, Administrator for the Heartland Region of the General Services Administration, sat down with Tell Somebody in his south Kansas City office to talk about how he called in doctors from the Centers for Disease Control to look into health concerns among former and current workers at the Bannister Federal Complex.

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