Monday, September 19, 2011

The Marketplace of Ideas: The world dreamed but not judged -- traveler and writer Pico Iyer

The world dreamed but not judged: traveler and writer Pico Iyer
The Marketplace of Ideas

Colin Marshall talks to essayist, novelist, traveler, and "global soul" Pico Iyer. Since Video Night in Kathmandu, his journey through the rapidly changing Asia of the mid-1980s, Iyer has told us all about what it feels like and what it means to exist in and pass through places from Atlanta to Kyoto to Asunción to Pyongyang. Having been born to an Indian family and grown up equally between England and Santa Barbara, California, he both embodies and tirelessly describes the hybridized, cross-pollinated, geographically conversational world culture in which we all find ourselves.

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