Wednesday, September 14, 2011

R. Fink: Rock'n'Roll Suicide #90

Rock'n'Roll Suicide #90
by R. Fink
The Garage Punk Hideout

1. Ice 9: 27.3 (Cool)
2. Dex Romweber Duo: Jungle Drums (Is That You In The Blue, Bloodshot)
3. Cum Stain: Broke My Dick (You Should Fucking Die You Scumbag Trust Me Your Mother Won’t Miss You, Burger)
4. Ty Segall & Mikal Cronin: Suffragette City (Castle Face Group Flex, Castle Face)
5. Useless Eaters: Customer (Zulu, Gold Tapes)
6. Raydios: Turning Blue (Original Demo Recordings, Screaming Apple)
7. Bad Sports: Nothing To Do (Nashville’s Dead)
8. Total Control: No Bibs (Henge Beat, Iron Lung)
9. Eagle Boys: Taking Stock (Negative Guest List)
10. Rods: Do Anything You Wanna Do (Island)
11. Onion Dolls: The Kids (Twinkle/Last Laugh)
12. Curlee Wurlee!: Big Bang Shot (…Likes Milk, Moody Monkey)
13. Aggravation: Can’t Crush You (P.Trash)
14. Sleaze: Retro Sexy In Blue (Total Punk)
15. Spivs: I Don’t Want It (Damaged Goods)
16. PVC: Without You (Wall City Rock, Incognito)
17. Spartan Dreggs: Misery Shared (Damaged Goods)
18. Burning Itch: Say It Again (s/t, Tic Tac Totally)
19. Incredible Kidda Band: If You Think I’m Square (Too Much, Too Little, Too Late, Detour)
20. Speed: Speed Speed Speed Is Really All We Need (Real)
21. Hammer Damage: Laugh (Broken/Last Laugh)
22. Masonics: She’s My Baby (In Your Night Of Dreams And Other Foreboding Pleasures, Dirty Water)
23. Les Sexareenos: Wild Wild WIld (Live In The Bed, SFTRI)
24. Divorced: I Want To Die (Separation Anxiety, Untapped Resources)

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