Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Amplify: YAN 101

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In the era of abstinence-only programs, and in a culture where shame and fear around sexuality are the norm, too many of us didn't get enough info about sex, sexuality, and relationships. Yet an advocate for sexual health and rights needs a solid grasp of the facts, not only to make their arguments credible, but also because they often serve as a resource for friends who need t...heir questions answered.

That's why Advocates for Youth is pleased to announce the launch of YAN 101 (Youth Activist Network 101), our series of online education modules on adolescent reproductive health and rights.

YAN 101 was conceived to help young people fill in the gaps in their sexuality education and prepare them to become well-informed sexual health activists. Each lesson provides basic information about an important topic, like contraception, healthy relationships, HIV and STIs, abortion, cultural competency, and more. Young people can complete the lessons at their own pace, and at the end, if they complete all of the lessons and a final exam, they're eligible to receive a certificate in Sexual Health and Rights Activism.

YAN 101 is a great tool for young people or anyone who is interested in learning more about reproductive and sexual health. Or, if you already know it all, prove it!

Visit YAN 101 to check out the lessons yourself!


Julia Reticker-Flynn
Youth Activist Network Manager
Advocates for Youth

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