Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bruce Schneier, Robert Jensen, Rob Hawkins and David Graeber: The Psychology of Transition (Undoing Millennia of Social Control)

#597 - The Psychology of Transition (Undoing Millennia of Social Control)
Unwelcome Guests

We start the show this week with a short interview of Bruce Schneier on Social Change and Defectors. He assesses the imminent threats to the internet as being layers 8 & 9 - i.e. overregulation and control by corporations and governments keen to prevent innovative use of information technology.

Next we hear Robert Jensen who starts by speaks on the entrenched mindset of hierarchy - focusing particularly on the naturalized violence against women by men, but looking at others such as racism.

Next we hear a 2009 interview by Frank of the Agroinnovations Podcast. Rob Hopkins speaks on the origins of the transition movement and shares some potential pitfalls, and his thoughts on a quote from Charles Eisenstein's 'Ascent of Humanity'. As well as discussing suburban permaculture, he discusses the practical application of the transition model as a grassroots community organizing strategy and its potential for construction of parallel systems to take over from the existing centralised power structures.

We conclude by finishing chapter 7 and starting on chapter 8 of David Graeber's Debt, The First 5000 Years.

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