Monday, May 21, 2012

CHIASMOS: McQuire Gibson and Fred Donner -- Iraq before Saddam Hussein; Salim Yaqub and Rashid Khalidi -- Constraining and Shaping Nationalism: The United States and Iraq; John Mearsheimer and Robert Pape -- The War in Iraq and America's Role in the World

[These are all from 2003 in the aftermath of the USA's invasion and occupation of Iraq, but they provide a good glimpse into the knowledge/understanding about the causes and consequences at that time. Also very useful for those still seeking to understand about the causes and consequences.]

CHIASMOS (University of Chicago Area and International Studies Multimedia Outreach Source)

From the Rethinking America in the Middle East Series, presented by: International House Global Voices Program, the Norman Wait Harris Fund of the Center for International Studies, the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, and the Human Rights Program.

"Iraq Before Saddam Hussein"

McGuire Gibson, Oriental Institute and Departments of History, Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Fred Donner, Oriental Institute and Near Eastern Languages and Civilization

To Listen to Gibson and Donner

"Constraining and Shaping Nationalism: The United States and Iraq"

Salim Yaqub, Assistant Professor, Department of History

Rashid Khalidi, Director, Center for International Studies and Professor, Departments of History andNear Eastern Languages and Civilizations

Yo Listen to Yaqub and Khalidi

"The War in Iraq and America's Role in the World"

John Mearsheimer, R. Wendell Harrison Distinguished Service Professor, Department of Political Science; Director, Program on International Security

Robert Pape, Director, Program on International Security and Department of Political Science

To Listen to Mearsheimer and Pape

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