Sunday, July 15, 2012

Making Contact: The Greening of America -- A New Deal for Everyone?

The Greening of America: A New Deal for Everyone?
Making Contact

From the Tennessee Valley Authority to the federal theatre project, Roosevelt’s’ New Deal of the 1930’s dramatically altered America’s infrastructure in lasting ways. Now President Obama wants a New Deal too –– only this one is green. Obama plans to create more than two-and-half million “green” jobs over the next two years. But will these jobs be as plentiful and equitable as the new administration will have us believe? On this edition, we look at the greening of America. Is it really a new deal for everyone?


Ricky Thigpen, GRID Alternatives supervisor; Lawrence Martinez, Randy Mason, Keith Rose and Antoine Sawyer, Richmond Build trainees; Fred Lucero, Richmond Build Project Manager and City of Richmond Contract Compliance officer; Zoey Burrows, Solar Richmond Development & Communications staff member; Samuel Charles, Richmond Build lead instructor; Deshan McFett, California Conservation Corps member; Veronica and Luz, Natural Home Cleaning Cooperative owners; Hilary Abell, WAGES executive director; Deb Goldburg, Natural Home Cleaning Cooperative general manager; Grey Brechin, historical geographer and author.

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