Tuesday, April 09, 2013

HUM 221 -- Possibilities for the Rest of the Course

[HUM 221 -- feel free to voice your choices, suggest other resources and/or directions/subjects. I will be adding more resources.]

Sir! No Sir! (USA: David Zeiger, 2005: 85 mins)

This Is What Democracy Looks Like (USA: Jill Friedberg and Rick Rowley, 2000: 72 mins)

We Are Legion: The Story of Hacktivists (USA/UK: Brian Knappenberger, 2012: 93 mins)

Bell, Emily, et al. " Empire Social networks, social revolution: Youtube, Facebook and Twitter have become the new weapons of mass mobilisation." Empire (February 21, 2011)

Goodman, Amy. "Amy Goodman's Other America." Moyers & Company (April 10, 2013)

Inside Job (USA: Charles Ferguson, 2010: 105 mins)

Project Censored: Top Censored Stories of 2013

The War on Democracy (UK/Australia: John Pilger, et al, 2007: 96 mins)

The War You Don't See (UK: Alan Lowery and John Pilger, 2010: 97 mins)

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