Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Nu-Topia: Welcome Citizen-Consumer

Welcome to the The Order Info-tech site.

The Order's motto is 'Let Them Sleep Safely in Their Beds', its mission statement is 'The
Preservation of NuTopia'. This is our sole duty. We strive to maintain a framework within
which Government, Commerce, and Citizenry (that's you) can continue to thrive.

We maintain the Barriers, guard against the possibility of Incursion from the Without, and
seek to guide Government, Commerce, and Citizenry to ensure that decisions, products,
or actions do not imperil the safety of our world. We have done this for five centuries,
through a combination of vigilance, proactive intervention, post event rectification, mass
observation and mass education.

And that, Citizen Consumer, is all you need to know. Your children are safe in our hands... so
sleep tight!

Nutopian Society

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