Saturday, July 02, 2005

Eminent Domain in Action, Pt. 2

On June 23 Supreme Court Rules Cities May Seize Homes and already Cleveland has begun the charge to claim private property for corporate use, in this case Progressive insurance (from a post on Scratchings):

Eminent domain: Progressive seeks man's land in Mayfield Village

Most telling is the city's condemnation of the private property as not being used effectively (the man uses it for storage, work and research, not for a residence--is Progressive planning on housing its executives in their headquarters?) and the city's rosy understanding of Progressive's benefit to the community structure (when we know the tax breaks that are cut for corporate move like this).

More and more Corporations Rule the World


Deleted said...

Here's another one, Thivai. The safest places to own are going to be areas so blighted, hard to get to and filled with mean spirited people that no one has a use for them and areas where wealthy NIMBYists control the local government. Any place with revenue potential is fucked.

Michael Benton said...

And that was "moonbeam" liberal Jerry Brown that led the charge to take their businesses--looks like Oakland is going to be gentrified for the greater good of the public...

I was reflecting yesterday on how Sandra Day O'Connor was a conservative when she became a Justice and now people consider her a "moderate"? Its getting very difficult for me to keep score on who is what?

Definitely time for a new movement that rejects these idiotic dualistic designations and attempts to bring back some concern for basic right and respect for beings (living as opposed to corporate).

Thanks for the link...