Thursday, May 04, 2006

Kemet: You Make Me Wet... But I Don't Want You

(Thanks to Nila and Satan Mcnugget who encouraged me to visit this site again. The title of this poem caught my attention at Saul William's poetry posting board, and, having caught my attention, the poem blew me away with its honesty and power. Original link for the poem--Kemet I hope you don't mind me posting it here, if so, let me know and I will take it down.)

He sipped his merlot as if he were sipping the wine of violence
“ So… can I taste you?”

Come again???

I wanted to bow thine ears to his understandings
So many come in sheep’s clothing
Smelling good and looking fine
This brotha had his shit together
And he was given me what I needed
Mental Stimulation…… DAMN
How good does it feel to your ears
To have someone speak and know what the fuck they are talking about
I mean… We all try to sound important
Read a few books and take a few classes to encourage the plight of knowledge
Defeating the odds as to how many professional minorities you can say that you know
He is intelligent
Good Looking
And he did his homework on me
He gets points for that
Anyone who pays attention to my vowels and consonants
knows what words they will make
“Proud Single Mother “
Three words in agreement as to who I am
“I’m not looking for anything serious right now”
That’s ok
Neither am I
My schedule can get pretty crazed. Most women can’t handle that
You would think that with me being a doctor, they would understand
They should be so lucky

: Anoyance#1: AROGANCE
“”” voice in head -

“Who in da hell does he think he is?”
They should be so lucky.
AS if he were God almighty himself

Kind of cocky there aren’t we?
“Not at all.” Most women complain about not having a good man
but when he shows up, they still complain.

He pulls me closer to him as we Salsa
My breasts lean up against his chest
He views my motherhood delights like he wants me to nurse him
The music changes paces
It gets slower
“I think I want to sit this one O*#@!!!ut.”
Before I could finish, he pushes his tongue in my mouth
He grabs the back of my head
Pushing my tongue further into his
Damn… I think my mouth just got rapped

I walk back slowly to our table in a trance
Not that I didn’t want to give this man some wet love
This was our second date
He deserved that much
But the fact that he took it like that…..

: Anoyance#2: GREED

”voice in head-
no this mutha fucka didn’t just do that shit!!!!
Calm down
Calm down

“Excuse me. I have to go to the ladies room.”

I rush off towards the bathroom
Thinking to myself, did I do anything to lead him on?
We were just kicking it
We both agreed that’s all it would be
Nothing more
If it ever came to a point where we thought sex was needed
We both would agree upon it and handle our business like adults
I’m not gonna lie
It’s been a minute since I’ve had some good sex
But I know for a fact I didn’t conduct my ways towards that insight
Why in the world did he do that?
Where is my phone?
I dial the only reasonable person who would tell me I am over reacting
I drop the phone and begin to cry

“Are you ok Miss?”

“She isn’t there!”


Do You need a ride somewhere?

No. I’m ok

I look at my cell phone
Staring at the number
“Akeelah’s cell”

I wipe my face and head out of the rest room

“I ordered you another glass of Merlot”

I’m good

He slips me this plastic card
“What’s this?”
I rented us a suite for the night
“You rented what?”

I figured we both could relax and unwind a bit
I have had a tiresome week and I know you have as well
We both need to chill and relax

I look at the card. And then back at him

I sit
Contemplating the idea of a man wanting to pleasure me all night
Should have been a mutual insolent
That way, my mind wouldn’t be telling the dick craving that I have been having
To presume position
Spread and receive

I have never been that damn easy
Nor am I a tease

He already had 2 strikes against him this afternoon
And hell, this is 3

: Anoyance#3: CONTROLLING
”voice in head-

It wasn’t mutually planed
I love spontaneity
But this is getting to be overbearing
He assumes that I would go
Let’s keep it real
I need some sex
If he would have played his cards right……
***************** make me wet
but I don't want you

© 2006 Kennethia Jacobs

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