Thursday, December 14, 2006

Video and Reports on the Sean Bell Police Shooting in New York City

EXCLUSIVE...Surveillance Film Shows Police, Passengers Diving For Cover as Bullets in Sean Bell Shooting Hit Train Station *

In a Democracy Now! broadcast exclusive, we air for the first time surveillance footage connected to the shooting of Sean Bell. The video from the Port Authority's Jamaica Avenue Air Train station reveals that one of the bullets fired by the five cops at Sean Bell and his friends narrowly missed striking a civilian and two Port Authority patrolmen who were standing on the station's elevated platform.


* "It's a Witch Hunt, They Have No Evidence" - Father of Man Arrested in NYPD Dragnet Over Sean Bell Shooting *

A major march is planned for Saturday to protest the death of Sean Bell - the man gunned down in a hail of 50 police bullets. We speak with Bishop Erskine Williams whose son was rounded up in the days after Bell shooting on a $25 summons, questioned and threatened by police.



Robert said...

crucial, Thivai!


Michael Benton said...

Yeah, you know that this is the way things are... but still--very crucial report.