Wednesday, January 02, 2008

In the Kingdom of the Blind, The One-Eyed Person is King

Economics, that great pretender to science, never ceases to amuse me. Yes, we here at Dialogic all are a part of the Humanities disciplines, but at least in our borrowing, summarizing and paraphrasing we do not "pretend" to scientific thought. We understand that we tell stories and that is our role in the world... economics, on the other hand, the apprehensive pretender to science, is one of the great contemporary fictions. Thanks to Econ-Talk for today's rambling and amusing story:

William Duggan: Strategic Intuition

... and you shall know them by their metaphors... they toss out way to many in an hour span to demonstrate the typical confused and opaque thinking of the economics/management lesson, but if you hang into about the third section you can grasp their militaristic imaginary... or you could just save yourself the trouble and just read Naomi Klein's The Shock Doctrine

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