Thursday, January 10, 2008

NOW: Dirty Politics 2008

(This is a good mainstream critique of the dirty politics between our two hegemonic political parties, of course the problem is that it completely ignores the dirty tricks used against anyone that isn't an accepted member of their limited clique--for that you should check out Bill Moyer's Journal--which demonstrates the problems with NOW since Moyer's left--but we are thankful that Moyer's is back and we here will accept the watered down NOW as long as we have Bill Moyer's Journal :)

Dirty Politics 2008

Political mudslinging as a campaign tactic is as popular as it's ever been. Romney, Clinton, Huckabee, Giuliani, Obama - no one's managed to steer clear of targeted rumors and malicious gossip. NOW on PBS travels to South Carolina, the home of legendary no-holds-barred campaigner Lee Atwater, to see where negative stories come from, how they spread, and whether they can be effectively defeated with positive messaging.

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