Thursday, April 24, 2008

Webster Dictionary Word of the Day: Inanition





1 : the exhausted condition that results from lack of food and water
*2 : the absence or loss of social, moral, or intellectual vitality or vigor

Example Sentence

The playwright explained that his work reflected the lethargy and inanition of the age.


Susannity said...

oooh I like this one. Could easily be insulting someone and then pretend you meant the hunger definition. =P

Michael Benton said...

i posted it because it reminded me of the KY state legislature and the KCTCS administration :)

it is a good one... I bet many people wouldn't know it.

Susannity said...

It will become a fluid part of my vocabulary. =P
Someone told me a story once where they were calling a woman "muppet" and she was thinking kermit and cute, while this Brit was thinking numbnut. hahaha I love that.
And at a friend's reception dinner, his Grandma (they're Australians) kept saying "I'm not bright" to everyone. All the guests were like "Yes you are!". Bright to them means "drunk", to us "smart". Love those hee.