Thursday, December 11, 2008

Der Spiegel International: The Riots in Greece and Solidarity Protests Across Europe (Reports/Photos)

(These reports and pictures are all--except the last one--from Der Spiegel International. This is a great publication and it is good to see how they are adapting their international coverage to the Internet medium. Perhaps as our news press takes one last gasp of breath before sinking into obscurity,they might observe how some press organizations actually report on world events [as opposed to simply allowing officials to tell them what is happening]. The essential American news source that still brings us news of the world, Democracy Now, informed me of these protests and in another report reminded me to check out Der Spiegel.)

Riots Throw Greece into Deep Democratic Crisis
By Jörg Diehl in Athens

There's violence on the streets and distrust is growing: The serious riots are merely the visible manifestation a far deeper loss of faith in the government. Many normal Greeks share the same views as the Black Bloc anarchists: They consider the country's elite to be corrupt and incompetent.

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Photo Galleries:

Day Five of Streetfighting in Greece

Days of Chaos in Greek Capital

Greece in Chaos after Fourth Day of Rioting

Solidarity Protests Across Europe Turn Violent

As Greece entered its sixth day of unrest sparked by the police shooting of a 15-year-old boy, violence spread to other parts of Europe on Thursday. Solidarity protests in cities including Rome, Madrid and Copenhagen turned into skirmishes between demonstrators and police.

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Uprising in Greece: Protests, Riots, Strikes Enter 6th Day Following Fatal Police Shooting of Teen
Democracy Now

Protests, riots and clashes with police have overtaken Greece for the sixth straight day since the fatal police shooting of a teenage boy in Athens Saturday night. One day after Wednesday’s massive general strike over pension reform and privatization shut down the country, more than a hundred schools and at least fifteen university campuses remain occupied by student demonstrators. A major rally is expected Friday, and as solidarity protests spread to neighboring Turkey, as well as Germany, Spain, Italy, Russia, Denmark and the Netherlands, dozens of arrests have been made across the continent. We speak to a student activist and writer from Athens.

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Anonymous said...

It's so crazy whats happen in Greece actually, students are figting !

Michael Benton said...

Kind of feel a pressure building up and starting to be released ... students fighting the police in Greece, solidarity protests across Europe, workers occupying a factory in Chicago, ... maybe people have had enough and are starting to stand up for their rights?