Thursday, July 08, 2010

Reconstruction: Technical Editor Needed

Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture, an online cultural studies journal entering its 10th year of publication, is looking for someone experienced with web design to take over as technical editor. The responsibilities include working with the managing editor, the submissions editor, the reviews editor, and special issues editors to ensure that, for each issue, articles, reviews, and images (both moving and still) are uploaded onto Reconstruction's eserver platform.

This is an excellent position for those with web design experience, including but not limited to graduate students and college professors, who are interested in promoting cultural studies and using their web design skills to do so. Technical editors are also included in discussions and decision making with the editorial board.

As an international, independent, peer reviewed journal, all editors work as volunteers, so we cannot pay a salary, but it is an excellent position for scholars who are not only interested in working with such a journal, but in having design experience with a scholarly journal as part of their CV.

If you are interested, please contact Alan Clinton ( and Marc Ouellette ( At last count, Reconstruction is read in over 110 countries and receives approximately 2000 nonrobotic readers per day.


Alan Clinton
Submissions Editor
Reconstruction: Studies in Contemporary Culture

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