Saturday, September 03, 2011

Electric Sheep Magazine: Kosmos – Polish and Russian Sci-Fi cinema

Kosmos – Polish and Russian Sci-Fi cinema
Electric Sheep Magazine Podcast (Resonance FM: United Kingdom)

Electric Sheep Magazine editor Virginie Sélavy talks to Russian scholar Sergei Kapterev (Institute of Cinema Art in Moscow) about Soviet science fiction and the connection between SF cinema and politics, the impact of the space race and the Cold War period, and Roger Corman’s re-edits of popular Soviet SF films.

Plus, in a Q and A recorded at SCI-FI-LONDON, April, 2010, Alex Fitch talks to Polish poster designer Andrzej Klimowski and SF writer / journalist Wojciech Orlinski about cinematic adaptations of the work of Stanislaw Lem from Steven Soderbergh and Andrei Tarkovsky’s adaptations of Solaris to more offbeat films such as Edward Zebrowski’s The Hospital of Transfiguration.

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