Saturday, June 28, 2008

What is the Most Fun I Ever Had?

(After thinking about what makes me happy... this eventually came to mind)

Getting launched out of a wave while body-surfing (or boogie-boarding) and quite literally flying for a few, brief, but fantastic seconds... for those brief moments I would feel like I had escaped this planet.

Staring at the stars out in the desert and realizing that we are but a tiny speck in the universe... and losing my sense of self in the completely awe-inspiring immensity of it all.

Traveling to new places and interacting/engaging with the people who live there.

Deep personal loving relationship with...

Camping with my family/friends when I was a kid/teen ... it was all so exciting, innocent and tribal.

Those heady philosophical conversations with good friends right about the second beer when you really start to feel the ideas flow and everything clicks ... and everyone is laughing, engaging and glowing with the buzz of thought/friendship.

Getting lost in a good book... that makes me think about the world in a new way (I admit I am addicted to books).

Communal Dinners... recent examples include dinners at the Mayers in Lexington, KY; Pit Pig Roast at the Bentons in Prineville, OR; July 4th WeinerFests at the Peyton's in Columbus, OH; dinners with the Webb's in Berea, KY; restaurant feasts with Wes/Anna/Nate/Amy/Jonathan/Danny in New Orleans, LA; weekend feast with previous group and many more at Cumberland Lake, KY; and barbecues at Marchman's/Simon's in Lexington, KY.

Walking/hiking in a stimulating environment... be it urban or a mountain or a beach or a forest... just moving and interacting unmediated with the environment (a curse on I-Pods)

Interacting with animals... whether directly or just observing them in their natural environments.

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