Monday, February 22, 2010

Bluegrass Contingent: Anti-War Protest, Saturday, March 20 in Washington, DC.

Arise, Kentuckians!
Rousers of the Rabble!
Fanners of the Flames of Discontent!
Agitators and Organizers!

A massive anti-war mobilization is scheduled for Sat, March 20 in Washington, DC.


We don't know about you, but we've been feeling frustrated, angry, un-listened to and impotent lately. This will simply not do!

So, we are helping to organize a bus for people from Lexington to attend the march/protest/mobilization.

Those of us opposed to the wars have really dropped the ball since the election. Well, here is a chance to send a message to the Obama Administration and to get that emotional and political boost that only participating in a mass mobilization can provide. If you've never been to a massive demonstration -- they are fun, energizing, solidarity-building, pessimism-reducing events.

We are trying to arrange a 28-seat bus. Let's pack it with people we know and some we don't and go have a great time doing something that desperately needs doing.

The plan is to make it as cheap and convenient as possible. Bus fare is $102 per person.

We will leave Lexington late Friday; attend the mobilization on Saturday morning/afternoon; leave DC Sat evening; and be back in time for Sunday brunch. [No overnight costs].


We know that most of us do not have $102 just lying around.
Some of us don't even have a job right now!
We know that beds are more comfortable than bus seats.
We know that some of us are overworked and weekends are a sacred time of rest!
But, let's not allow such trivialities get in the way of stopping these cursed wars and raising some hell!

Seriously... please consider coming. Let me know asap if you think you might be interested.

Tentative details:

* Depart Lexington around midnight (Fri, March 19)
* Arrive Washington, DC around 9:00am (Sat, March 20)
* Depart Washington around 7:00pm (Sat, March 20)
* Arrive back in Lexington around 3:00am (Sat night/Sun morning)

Cost: $102/per seat

In solidarity!

PS: feel free to leave a comment and contact info if you are interested


Anonymous said...

If the bus doesn't work out, please contact Timothy Baer from Bloomington, IN who is connection folks from Louisville, Indianapolis, and Columbus (IN) for a 57 passenger bus.


Timothy Baer from Bloomington sent an update stating that he only needs 17 more people at a minimum. So, if you could let those who are interested know this, Timothy has to pay Miller Transportation $1800 next week. As a consolation, I will cover $40 for gas of a car pool from Lexington to Louisville and back. Below is the message:

At present, we only have 26 paid bus riders and a few contributions. After extensively getting the word out, we have people coming from the Louisville, Indianapolis, and Bloomington, Indiana areas. But, it is clear that we don't have enough to pay for a 55-seat bus. As a cost savings, a 47-seat bus will be chartered instead with an altered travel route and departure times.

We are still taking the bus to D.C.!

However, we still need a minimum of 17 more people to join us.

I need to make full payment to the bus company (Miller Transportation) next week. At present, I am $1800 short of what we need to pay the company.

Your help is needed in encouraging others to join us. If everyone receiving this e-mail can get ONE more person to join us, we will have enough. I know that is easier said than done.

The revised announcement is below. Please distribute it widely!
Thank you!

We have received a few financial contributions for the bus trip. If there are people who cannot afford the full cost ($100), have them contact me and tell me what they can afford and we will help subsidize their expense. These funds are limited. So, if people would like to take advantage of this, they should do so promptly.

If you have other ideas to get more aboard our bus to D.C., please let me know.
Thank you!


• E-mail: or Call: 812-988-1917
• Provide us with your name, phone number, e-mail address, and city.
• We will call you back or e-mail you to confirm that a seat has been reserved.


After you have received confirmation that a seat on the bus is reserved for you, Please promptly mail a CHECK to:
Bloomington Peace Action Coalition
c/o Timothy Baer
P.O. Box 671
Nashville, Indiana 47448

A. J. MacDonald, Jr said...

A great post and a great blog! I will see you in Washington on March 20th!!