Monday, February 22, 2010

Christian-Muslim Dialogue: "The Citizens United Supreme Court Decision and Corporate Money in Politics" (Lexington: Feb 27)

Christian-Muslim Dialogue

10:00 AM Saturday, February 27
Hunter Presbyterian Church
109 Rosemont Garden

Speaker: Dr. Ronald Formisano
UK Professor of American History

Professor Formisano's recent book (2008) is entititled "For the People: American Populist Movements from the Revolution to the 1850's". A recent article he published was entitled "Populist currents in the 2008 Presidential campaign" He frequently writes articles for the Lexington Herald Leader.

Following his talk of 30 minutes, there will be ample time for discussion on how the decision might affect us morally and ethically - as individuals and as a nation.

Please join this lively and growing group on Saturday, February 27, 10 AM as we explore this important issue. A potluck, as always, will cap and complete our time together. All are invited. Bring a friend.

With Kind Personal Regards,

Dr. John Parks
Co-ordinator: Christian-Muslim Dialogue

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