Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Eddie Daniels Speaking on the South African Struggle to End Apartheid (BCTC : 10/27)

(Extra credit opportunity for HUM 121 and ENG 102 students)

Eddie is a vibrant 80 year old and former school teacher. He is an excellent storyteller who routinely speaks with students of all ages about his life – living through racial oppression in South Africa, working as a whaler and a miner, and becoming friends with Nelson Mandela in prison. Dr. Mark Lawrence Kornbluh, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said “I have heard Mr. Daniels speak many times, and he never disappoints.”

As way of introduction to Mr. Daniels’ life, he was imprisoned as a political prisoner on Robben Island for 15 years with Nelson Mandela and others. Mr. Mandela has said of Eddie, "We recall his loyalty and courage; his sense of humor, and justice as well as total commitment to the struggle of the prisoners for the eradication of injustice and for the betterment of their conditions."
Mr. Daniels is willing to speak with any age group, though slightly older students may be more appropriate. I have attached two interviews with him for your review: Overcoming Apartheid. You can also see his autobiography here: There and Back

Mr. Daniels will share his story with BCTC students, faculty and staff on Wednesday, October 27 at 2:00pm in OB 230 (Auditorium). Please encourage your students to attend this presentation.

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