Monday, September 20, 2010

Martin Luther King, Jr.: The Man, The Myth, The Controversies

Martin Luther King, Jr. is a radical hero that should be remembered for his ethical challenge to the American government/people:

In this excerpt from Shambhala magazine Charles Johnson reveals The King We Need.

Earl Ofari Hutchison at AlterNet examines how many local government agenices still ignore this national Holiday for a Hero.

Martin Luther King was a pacifist in that he preached change through non-violent protest, but he was not "passive" when confronted with the need to address injustice and oppression. His words were an active rallying cry for a re-vision of the United States of America... now that he has a holiday, streets, and schools named for him it is easy to forget how he, and other strong souls, fearlessly spoke truth to power:

Film: Honor the Legacy

One of the better articles attempting to realize Martin Luther King's "truth force":

Dr. King: The Remix

And from Cornel West (thanks to Ray Garraud for pointing this essay out):

Prisoners of Hope

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Inspector Clouseau said...

What do you make of the recently disclosed story about the highly-regarded civil rights photographer, who was with Dr. King on the day that he was shot, and who was an informant providing information to the FBI regarding Dr. King and other civil rights activists?