Thursday, March 10, 2011

Go to Wisconsin Now--Support the Workers!

One Day Longer, One Day Stronger

Live Stream of Wisconsin Protests

What can be done to one of us, can be done to all of us!

Outrage in Wisconsin: Thousands Flood Capitol After GOP Strips Public Workers of Bargaining Rights in Surprise Senate Vote

Thousands of demonstrators flooded the Wisconsin State Capitol building last night after Republican senators took a surprise vote to strip most public employee workers of their right to collectively bargain. The bill could be made law if the Assembly votes today. The State Senate has been at a standstill since all 14 Democratic members fled the Wisconsin to prevent quorum. But on Wednesday, Republicans advanced the measure by stripping it of fiscal measures requiring a 20-member quorum for action. We speak to graduate student organizer Peter Rickman and State Democratic Sen. Chris Larson, who remains in Illinois.

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