Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Unwelcome Guests #8: Slavery by Any Other Name (Migrant Farmworkers)

Episode #8 - Slavery by Any Other Name (Migrant Farmworkers)
Unwelcome Guests

We continue the lecture series with Michael Parenti with "Racism and the Ideology of Slavery" to provide some context on the migrant farm worker system, which was modelled on chattel slavery.

In the second hour, we focus on farm work specifically. Chris Sturr talks about the legal situation and working conditions of farm workers in New York state, and we have a report from a rally in Albany by farm workers as part of the now annual "Farm Worker's Advocacy Day."

Labor historian Clete Daniel talks on the history of the farm worker system, and its creation by California agribusiness in the mid-1800's, and how it was consciously designed to replicate the slavery while technically not being legally considered "slavery."

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